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  • Oleksii Chernyshov: Regional economic development projects are a new priority of the Great Construction
    Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, posted 15 January 2021 09:50

    The President’s Program "Great Construction" is underway. In 2021, in addition to social infrastructure, it will include projects for economic development of the regions, for which there will be directed at least 30% of the resource from the State Regional Development Fund. In addition, based on last year's experience, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development will be more demanding in the selection of projects this year, and it is important to ensure that all facilities of the "Great Construction - 2021" meet modern requirements for inclusiveness.

    This was stated by the Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksii Chernyshov during a conference call with the heads of regional state administrations (RSA).

    For the new 1,469 consolidated communities, it is critical to create a reliable and comfortable infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, hospitals, administrative services provision centers (CASPs), security centers, cultural institutions, etc. Social infrastructure projects in the "Great Construction 2021" will be up to 70%.

    "In 2021, about 300 social infrastructure facilities will be completed under the "Great Construction" program. Our priority is to create capable networks for the provision of public services in the main areas: education, healthcare, sports, security, and the provision of administrative services. These will be objects where people, thanks to the "Great Construction", will be able to feel the qualitative changes in their living environment," said Oleksii Chernyshov.

    The second direction of the "Great Construction - 2021" is the economic development of the regions. These include new industrial parks, economic agglomerations, tourist infrastructure objects, issues of water supply in communities, science museums, and more.

    This year it is planned to start the implementation of about 50 objects of economic development and complete them within 2 years. They will be aimed at creating new jobs and building infrastructure to attract investment. At least 30% of the resource of the State Regional Development Fund should be directed to these projects.

    Accordingly, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development sets new indicators for measuring the progress of the program implementation by regions. Now it will be not only new jobs in schools or kindergartens, but also an indicator of the number of jobs created in the regional economy.

    The process of selecting projects for the President's program "Great Construction - 2021" is currently being completed. The Government will approve a list of programs and projects that can be funded at the account of the State Regional Development Fund in February, which will allow timely implementation of projects and implementation of the program "Great Construction" in 2021.