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  • New contributions to Ukraine Energy Support Fund and procurement of distributed generation equipment: German Galushchenko meets Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Artur Lorkowski
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 25 June 2024 09:37

    Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko met with Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Artur Lorkowski. The key topics of the meeting were cooperation to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian energy system, coordination of interaction with international partners, procurement of equipment through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund and further integration of the Ukrainian and European electricity markets.

    According to the Minister of Energy, the situation in the Ukrainian energy system is quite complicated, with the enemy continuing to attack energy infrastructure facilities, including electricity generation and transmission.

    “To increase capacity by the next winter, we are actively working with international partners, businesses and local authorities to install distributed generation on the ground. Locations have been identified across the country where gas turbines and gas piston plants can be installed to meet critical electricity supply needs during the cold season,” the Minister said.

    The parties discussed the possibility of purchasing the relevant equipment at the expense of the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which was established in spring 2022 at the initiative of German Galushchenko and European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson. To date, the total amount of donor contributions to the Fund (transferred and announced) is more than EUR 545 million.

    According to Artur Lorkowski, new donor contributions are expected to be received by the Fund following the Ukraine Recovery Conference held in Berlin.

    Special attention was paid to the logistics of supplying energy equipment to Ukraine from partner countries, as well as the protection of energy facilities.

    In addition, the parties discussed the further integration of the Ukrainian electricity market into the European market and the draft legislation necessary for its implementation.