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  • Our Government is ready to adopt decisions, said Oleksiy Honcharuk at Kyiv International Economic Forum
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 09 November 2019 10:08

    We are the future: the youngest Government, the youngest President and the youngest Parliament.

    We do not feel fear! That’s because when you feel fear, you lose from the beginning.

    Our Government never fears and demonstrates readiness to make decisions - to remove barriers and restrictions.

    Restrictions on the right to dispose of national land, on capital movements, severe restrictions on regulating the labor market.

    There is no place for all those in the future!

    The role of the state must diminish, and the role of the Ukrainian citizen within the state must increase.

    Our priority is to conduct large and small privatization in Ukraine, because it means efficient and working enterprises, new jobs for people, it brings taxes to the budget.

    Why have we failed to hold privatization during all these years? Because everyone was trying to get a piece of the pie.

    That is not our story!

    I urge business not to fear!

    Get involved, buy assets and invest!

    And we, the Government, will exert every effort to create comfortable environment for business in Ukraine.

    Comfort means equal rules of the game.

    We will settle things in order with monopolies. For this purpose, we will create an independent and strong AMCU, create market rules for energy and infrastructure.

    The second component of comfort is the absence of fraud and raiding. For that we already have a cool team of the Ministry of Justice.

    The Parliament has already passed a bill to restart the judiciary. This reform is one of the most difficult, but I assure you that fair courts will soon be a reality in Ukraine.

    Ukraine demonstrates good performance in macroeconomic indicators. The recent World Bank forecast has improved our economic prospects.

    I reassure you that only joining efforts we can achieve progress so that in a few years we have what to be proud of!

    To make Ukraine an example to follow in the world.

    Because the methods of the past do not work in the future. And we are already a generation of the future!

    Our Government is ready to adopt decisions, said Oleksiy Honcharuk at Kyiv International Economic Forum