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  • Ministry of Interior of Ukraine launches online campaign "I am a responsible driver/ pedestrian/ passenger"
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 18 September 2018 12:59

    Today, September 18, the Ministry of the Interior calls on citizens to participate in the online campaign "I am a responsible driver/ pedestrian/ passenger" and to tell about their personal responsibility as a traffic participant and to draw attention to the safety of their relatives.

    To participate in the campaign, one should update a photo on Facebook using the neon frames from the page of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which can be selected by searching for the titles "I am a responsible driver/ pedestrian/ passenger". After updating the page, the citizens are offered to talk about their safety habits or a story of how their personal responsibility for their actions saved lives on the road.

    As was reported today the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should consider bill number 8492 stipulating for the increased fines for ignoring safety belts from 51 up to 850 hryvnias. And by the end of the year Ukraine launches traffic and transport CCTV surveillance.

    In general, according to official figures, in Ukraine during seven months of 2018, there have been recorded 81,016 accidents, including 12,090 accidents resulting in injuries, in which 1,545 people died and 15,647 got injuries. Among the main causes of accidents with the victims are overspeeding (34%), violation of the rules of maneuvering (20%), violation of the rules for driving across intersections (8%), violation of the rules of pedestrian traffic (8%), insufficient distance between vehicles (7%), drunk driving (4%).