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  • Stepan Kubiv presented Export brand of Ukraine
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 18 September 2018 12:50

    On September 18, 2018, there took place a presentation of the export brand of Ukraine, thereby enabling to promote Ukrainian goods and services at international markets.

    Stepan Kubiv, First Vice Prime Minister/ Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine explained: "The export brand will help customers worldwide to better recognize Ukrainian products. It will enable Ukraine to combine different assortment and type of goods and services under a single visual concept and stylistics. Definitely, in such a way there will be created an additional visual link between different branches and sectors. And that, in turn, shall promote trade and the competitiveness of Ukrainian goods on world markets. After all, this brand is based on the UkraineNow brand, previously approved by the Government of Ukraine."

    Why Ukraine needs export brand?

    Ukrainian exports shape 50% of the international image of Ukraine. In addition, a strong brand of the country of origin - the Export brand - helps exporters to substantially increase the volumes of sales.

    Export growth is of strategic importance to Ukraine's economy. Today, exporters provide 47.9% of GDP and foreign exchange earnings in Ukraine. During 6 months of 2018, Ukrainian exports grew by $ 2.8 billion as compared to the same period of 2017.

    Ukrainian exporters will present Ukraine in the world in an identical and consistent way, providing the following:

    - the unique visual branding of Ukrainian exporters at international EXPO and industry exhibitions;

    - consistent communication of the main messages of the Export brand and characteristics of Ukrainian goods through marketing and advertising materials;

    - systematic informing of the opportunities and competitive advantages of the export-oriented industries of Ukraine.

    Export brand at China International Import EXPO 2018

    Already in November, 2018, Ukrainian exporters, united under the Export brand, will present the achievements and export opportunities of Ukraine at China International Import EXPO 2018, the largest international export exhibition of the world.

    Ukraine's export offer will be represented by the food industry, information and communication technology, creative industries, engineering, aerospace, aviation, and tourism.

    Interrelation between UkraineNow nationwide brand and the Export brand

    The export brand is based on the brand UkraineNow. This is in line with the state's policy of creating a strong emotional and visual link between different sectors and sectors.

    The brand of the country and the Export brand are linked by the single theme, but have different practical tasks.

    UkraineNow is a nationwide brand of the country, forming the perception of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the world. The brand positions Ukraine through sending messages about national values, quality of life, investment opportunities, culture and tourism.

    Ukraine's Export brand presents Ukraine as a profitable trading partner selling quality, authentic, innovative and creative products.

    Essential practical requirements are put forward to the Export brand. First, the Export brand should provide an extremely high level of adaptability to the industry and product. Secondly, the Export brand should be applied for branding of all types of exhibition space: from the largest and most expensive national pavilions to the smallest exhibition stands of individual producers. Thirdly, the Export brand must eventually be transformed into a nationally recognized quality label Made in Ukraine.

    Video of the Export brand:  https://youtu.be/NAa0fBjonFM.

    The Export brand is part of the project "Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets", implemented by the Export Promotion Office on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the EU4Business program.