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  • Ministry of Health launches diphtheria and tetanus vaccination campaign "Vaccinated Means Protected"
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 29 July 2019 14:44

    Ulana Suprun, Volodymyr Kurpita and Serhii Zhadan got diphtheria and tetanus vaccination and called on Ukrainians to support the campaign "Vaccinated Means Protected". Patients should get vaccination by September as the number of infectious disease cases increases with the start of the school year and the risk of outbreaks grows.

    In Ukraine, the vaccination coverage in this kind of infection is extremely low: only 70% of children are vaccinated, and even fewer adults are vaccinated. In 2018, every second adult failed to get the necessary vaccination. Under these conditions, experts predict a possible risk of an outbreak. The only way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated.

    Now all the regions of Ukraine are provided with free and high-quality vaccines for both children and adults. They are purchased by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from leading manufacturers in the world. The quality of the vaccines has been confirmed by the World Health Organization. Vaccination is included in the list of guaranteed primary care services. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine calls on family doctors, therapists and pediatricians to ensure that patients who have signed the declaration get the necessary vaccinations.

    There are now over 2 million doses of diphtheria and tetanus vaccines in the regions. This is more than 100% of the needed amount.