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  • Ministry of Education and Science: International partners will prolong the support for NUS
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 17 September 2019 17:57

    The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will prolong cooperation with international organizations in the framework of the introduction of the New Ukrainian School (NUS). The results of the joint work and further plans were discussed today, September 17, 2019, during a meeting of the Minister of Education and Science, Hanna Novosad, and representatives of the British Council, the Goethe-Institut, the Embassy of France in Ukraine, and the Cambridge University Press.

    “I want to express my gratitude for the strong support you have provided to the school reform over the last two years. It is crucial for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to have a partnership with international organizations that are open to cooperation”, Hanna Novosad stressed.

    In the early years of the introduction of the NUS, international organizations were involved in the development of a training program of raising qualification for foreign language teachers. As a result, 268 educators underwent special training - 190 change agents and 25 methodologists in English, 36 animation artists in German, 17 tutors in French. Due to such activity, 17,000 English, 1,177 German and about 500 French teachers underwent retraining.

    With an aim to support educators a platform NUS-English.com.ua has also been created. 230 English language teachers in pilot schools got an opportunity to take the Teaching Primary Learners Communicatively online course and materials from Cambridge University Press and MM Publication for free.

    Hanna Novosad emphasized that the implementation of the New Ukrainian School initiative is underway, so it is time to concentrate on further steps. In particular, the raising qualification of NUS teachers in grades 3–4, and the preparation for the next stage of the reform, are considered relevant at this stage.

    “We are currently working at the elementary school level. And in two years we will get closer to basic secondary education - this is something to think about right now. We also think about how we can speed up a school reform”, said Hanna Novosad.

    Representatives of international organizations, for their part, claimed their readiness to prolong cooperation. The short-term plans include to expand the tools that will help the professional development of Ukrainian teachers, as well as to conduct research aimed to determine the level of foreign language skills among students. Besides, the participants of the meeting agreed to work out a detailed follow-up action plan with each partner organization.

    It should be noted that in August 2019, the British Council, in synergy with the Ministry of Education and Science, trained 75 educators for postgraduate institutions, who will train teachers to integrate the development of 21st century skills in various subjects.