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  • Visit of the IMF mission to Ukraine in early September
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 13 August 2018 19:39

    The mission of the International Monetary Fund will visit Kyiv from 6  to 19 September, during which the Mission will discuss with Ukrainian  side the further steps towards Fund's cooperation with Ukraine,  including financial assistance from the IMF in support of policies to  maintain macroeconomic stability and Ukrainian economy path to  sustainable growth.

    "The  arrival of a new full mission of the Fund after a long pause is without  a doubt an evidence of the good dialogue on many issues, including  sustainable budgeting policy, ensuring the deficit is within the  approved budget target, fighting corruption and many others," acting  Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova said. - We are interested to  discuss with the Fund all current issues as well as the continuation of  our cooperation after the end of the program in March 2019 to ensure the  stability and predictability of Ukraine's development for our citizens,  national business and foreign investors".

    The  Ministry of Finance welcomes the decision on the IMF Mission to come to  Ukraine and expresses its confidence in continuing constructive  cooperation with the Fund in support of economic reforms undertaken by  the President, the Government and the National Bank.

    "The  Ministry of Finance will work together with the IMF to reach positive  outcome of the mission, which upon completion will not only result in  NBU reserves increase, but also unlock the funding on a preferential  terms with the use of the World Bank's Policy based guarantee in the  amount of 800 million USD and also 1 billion Euro of EU macro-financial  assistance, both of which finance the state budget", - said Oksana  Markarova.