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  • Local authorities should inspect observance of quarantine instead of preparing for elections - Ministry of Health reacts to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Ukraine
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 30 June 2020 11:10

    Ukraine records a significant increase in  the number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus. If at the end of May there were about 700 hospitalizations per week, now this number is more than 1,400. This is despite the fact that only patients with moderate and severe disease are hospitalized. Local authorities need to strengthen control over observance of quarantine restrictions in order to erode this negative tendency. Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxym Stepanov made this statement at a briefing on June 30.

    "Analyzing the dynamics of the incidence, we can see that in the period from 18 to 24 May the number of hospitalized persons was 749 per week, and last week from 22 to 28 June, this number reached 1,410. I want to remind you that hospitalization is exclusively for people who are in moderate or severe condition. I understand that it is very unpopular now to introduce additional quarantine restrictions and monitor compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, because everyone has already begun to live in the conditions of the election campaign. However, I call on the local authorities: think about the health of your voters who will come to vote in October. All election’s manipulations  due to lack of control are already leading and will lead to a worsening of the situation, and jeopardize lives and health of voters," Maxym Stepanov emphasized.

    The Health Minister stressed that he understands that Ukrainians want to rest on holidays, but again he urged to follow the recommendations of the Ministry, even on holidays. "It is clear that people want to go to sea for the weekend. We understand this and it is also the development of our domestic tourism. But complete disregard for the Ministry of Health's recommendations is not how the process should go. In the news we see what happened in the night cubes, on the beaches, complete non-use of masks, non-observance of social distance, non-use of antiseptics. All this leads to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. It's all about your health, take care of yourself and your family!”, Maxym Stepanov summed up.