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  • Volodymyr Groysman: Last year became a year of significant developments in human capital development
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 13 February 2019 12:15

    Last year became a year of significant developments and changes in the development of human capital. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced this while presenting a report on performance of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2018. The presentation of the report has become one of the topics of the Government's meeting.

     The Head of Government reminded that last year the Cabinet of Ministers fulfilled its promise to increase the average wages to UAH 10 thousand. In December, the average salary was over 10.5 thousand UAH. The average pension has increased one and a half times since 2016. Moreover, this year for the first time the first automatic recalculation of pensions will be made.

    "We also think how to solve problems of people who receive minimum pension", Volodymyr Groysman said.

    He drew attention to the issue related to supporting families with children. Last year, several programs designed to provide support to these families were kicked off starting from the possibilities of online registration of documents for a child in the "E-baby" system before receiving the "Baby Package" in the maternity hospital and assistance in hiring a babysitter for a child.

    The Prime Minister emphasized that the Government paid considerable attention to the support of orphaned children. 70 premises for family-type orphanages were built. For the first time, 829 apartments were purchased for orphaned children-- graduates of board schools.

    "Medicine sector. We hear many opinions. But I believe: if we make systemic changes, we will have a completely new quality of medicine. What have we done? More than 25 million Ukrainians have chosen family doctors. 97% of communal health care establishments signed agreements with the National Health Service. This means that the National Health Service will certify these establishments and check them - including, for the quality of treatment conditions ", Volodymyr Groysman said.

    The Prime Minister cited examples of increasing the salaries of doctors and nursing staff of the primary healthcare. Moreover, the hospitals are located in different cities and towns of Ukraine.

    "Available Medicines Program. Last year we provided compensation for 18 million recipes. The system works, and people need it.  The important program "Save the hearts of Ukraine" the creation of a network of cardiology centers. We implement our plans. Last year, nearly 24,000 stent-systems were purchased for budget funds. They provide a need. Previously, purchases were two times smaller, and now honest purchases made it possible to cover 100% of needs", Volodymyr Groysman said.

    The Head of Government considers the launch of the New Ukrainian School - the reform of school education as successful steps. Last year, according to new standards, 448.6 thousand first-graders began to study, more than 105 thousand teachers applied new methods, more than 5 thousand schools received equipment for natural and mathematical cabinets.

    "We also understand the importance of developing vocational education. We are currently working with employers on the introduction of mechanisms for dual education. We have successes in higher education. The volume of support programs for young scientists increased 1.6 times", the Head of Government said.

    Apart from that, the Prime Minister  focused on the issues of culture and sports development. Last year amount of funding for cinema projects amounted to almost UAH 1 billion. 22 movies were filmed with the support of the Government. 1 million Ukrainian-language publications were purchased for public libraries, new instruments and educational equipment were purchased for music schools.

    136 sports infrastructure projects were funded due to the support of the State Regional Development Fund. The sum worth UAH 150 million was allocated for the reconstruction and construction of sports palaces in different regions of the country.


     Today, February 13, the Prime Minister of Ukraine presented a report of the Government’s activities for 2018 - in strict conformity with the requirements of the legislation and within the framework of implementation of the policy of openness of the Government. The report will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine  for consideration. According to the Prime Minister, the Government’s  report is not just a list of completed projects, but a peculiar evaluation of changes in Ukraine that resulted in stable economic growth of 12 quarters in a row, slowing inflation and increasing  capital investment, shifting to medium-term budget planning and implementing sectoral support programs. The civil service and active development of e-governance became a driving force of reforms, also economic achievements allowed to invest in regional development projects in various sectors.

    Volodymyr Groysman: Last year became a year of significant developments in human capital development