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  • Ministry of Digital Transformation: Memorandum of Cooperation in Digitalization of the Education System signed
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 02 May 2024 14:58

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation and EdCamp Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of digitalization of the education system. The document aims to strengthen cooperation in the development of digital skills, digital innovations, building a quality learning environment, and bridging educational gaps and losses.

    "Education is one of our top priorities. We must fight for human capital, catch up with the world, and create the best conditions for the development and education of Ukrainians. In particular, we have revived the NUS reform and created a concept for transforming old Soviet schools into modern spaces, introducing new technologies and cutting unnecessary bureaucracy for parents and teachers, transforming vocational schools and launching a reform of higher education financing. We continue to introduce digital tools that transform the education system and provide more opportunities for the development of both children and teachers," says Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Transformation.

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation and EdCamp Ukraine will work together to improve the information and learning environment of the education system, distance learning and professional development, as well as to hold regional, national and international conferences for teachers in the EdCamp format and other events.

    "It is an honor for us to sign this memorandum, as our organization is working hard to digitally transform the education sector. In particular, in 2021, we launched the national platform of professional development opportunities EdWay. We cooperate with such IT giants as HP, Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, and others. We provide professional development for teachers' information and digital competence.

    So we are very pleased that we managed to formalize our relations," said Oleksandr Elkin, Chairman of the Board of EdCamp Ukraine.

    During the signing of the memorandum, the parties discussed the consequences of Covid and full-scale war for education. They identified the problems that need to be solved today so that in the future children can fully choose a professional path. The EdCamp Ukraine team also presented selected results of Survey of Social and Emotional Skills (SSES) and the national online platform POVIR together with relevant government institutions.

    This is a free environment for students and their parents to grow and learn for middle and high school students. The platform will help improve knowledge of Ukrainian and English, math, and soft skills. Soon, the first 2,000 students will start studying with POVIR free of charge. Then the project will be scaled up.