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  • Ministers and heads of delegations of countries participating in the UN Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference signed a historic document for Ukraine
    posted 07 October 2022 16:10

    In the Ministerial Declaration, which is the result of the three-day’s work of the 9th Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference, European countries:

    - officially condemned the crimes against Ukrainian environment by the armed forces of the russian federation and the involvement of Belarus in this act of aggression against Ukraine. ECE was created to help a Europe devastated by war to recover and build its future on peace and mutual cooperation in going forward. Russia has destroyed these aspirations 75 years after.

    - affirmed their support to Ukraine in its reconstruction, including for providing subsequent assistance for restoration. It concerns assessing the most urgent environmental needs in Ukraine, and to make recommendations to advance a sustainable recovery of the country.

    - determined main priorities of development of the environmental sector for the following 5 years.

    "Today at the UN Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference, the ministers signed a declaration. This is a roadmap in the environmental sphere of Europe for the next 5 years. The participating countries has not just condemned russian aggression, but also assured Ukraine of further support. It is about help in assessing damages for Ukraine and other European countries, as well as help for the sustainable development of our country while overcoming the consequences of the war," stressed the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ruslan Strilets.

    According to him, Europe recognizes that russian missiles and tanks are not just destroying Ukrainian land - they are trying to erase the heritage of the civilized world in the ecological sphere. And also to throw the humankind back many years in its development.

    "Thank you to all the signatories for their decisive position! I thank Cyprus for hosting this important event on its territory. We invite the whole world to resolutely repel evil. Ukraine has already achieved a lot in analyzing the effects of russian aggression on nature. We are ready to share our experiences. Good will overcome evil. Ukraine will defeat russia, and together with us, the whole civilized world will defeat russia," said Ruslan Strilets.

    It should be noted, on October 5-7, the 9th Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference was held in Nicosia, Cyprus. The last such conference was held 19 years ago in Ukraine. Then a number of important international documents were adopted, which are implemented and observed by the international community to this day.