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  • Ministry for Veterans Affairs organize training for veterans
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 17 January 2019 12:04

    The Ministry for Veterans Affairs together with a group of advisers to support the implementation of the state regional policy in Ukraine, the U-LEAD with Europe program, organized training on project cycle management for representatives of veterans' organizations from all regions of Ukraine.

    Thus, the Ministry for Veterans Affairs hopes that representatives of veteran affairs organizations will receive the necessary knowledge and understanding of how to work on projects, draft and defend their projects and, accordingly, get public funding and ensure implementation. The first training session was attended by members of the Veterans Council under the Ministry.

    "We invited the members of the Council of Veterans from all regions of Ukraine to the event so that they could train the members of local veterans' associations and NGOs in their regions", said Oksana Havryliuk, a representative of the project office for the establishment of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs.

    A two-day training "Drafting and submission of development projects" will be conducted by Viacheslav Toporov, Advisor on project development and implementation, and Natalia Lukashenko, Project Monitoring Advisor.

    The following issues will be considered:

    - Planning and project cycle, project types

    - Needs analysis, problem formulation, stakeholder identification

    - Construction of a tree of goals, choice of project strategy

    - Logical matrix of the project, construction of the logic of the project implementation

    - Preparing the project budget

    - Project evaluation procedures

    - Implementation of projects, monitoring and reporting.