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  • Ministry of Finance: In July, expenditures of the general fund of the state budget amounted to UAH 231.8 billion
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 16 August 2023 11:09

    In January-July 2023, the total cash expenditures of the general fund of the state budget amounted to UAH 1,640.1 billion. In July, expenditures amounted to UAH 231.8 billion. This is according to the monthly reporting of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine as of 15 August 2023.

    The structure of expenditures includes the following:

    UAH 669.9 billion (in July – UAH 100.5 billion) – salaries and wages, or 40.8% of the total expenditures in January-July 2023. In particular, UAH 518.8 billion was allocated for the salaries of military personnel (UAH 76.9 billion in July).

    UAH 406.3 billion (in July – UAH 65.3 billion) – payment for the use of goods and services, or 24.8% of total expenditures. This includes:

    • UAH 276.9 billion to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This includes the purchase of military equipment, weapons, ammunition, defence products, personal protective equipment (helmets, body armour and other special equipment), fuels and lubricants, and food;
    • UAH 78.6 billion transferred by the National Health Service of Ukraine to implement the programme of state guarantees for medical care for the population;

    UAH 304.6 billion (in July – UAH 40.3 billion) – social security (payment of pensions, allowances, stipends) or 18.6% of total expenditures. This includes:

    • UAH 158.6 billion transferred to the Pension Fund to finance the payment of pensions, allowances and pension raises;
    • UAH 105.5 billion transferred to the Ministry of Social Policy for the social protection of children and families, protection of citizens in difficult life circumstances, and support for low-income families;

    UAH 92.3 billion (in July – UAH 7.8 billion) – transfers to local budgets or 5.6% of the total amount;

    UAH 128.1 billion (in July – UAH 11.3 billion) – public debt servicing, or 7.8% of the total.