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  • Ministry of Finance continues the implementation of the Law on the “single-stop” customs clearance procedure
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 26 October 2018 13:52

    The Ministry of Finance has approved the  executive order on amendments to the Classification of documents used  for customs clearance. The executive order was elaborated jointly with  the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

    The  executive order updates the list and titles of documents proving  compliance with prohibitions and restrictions concerning the transfer of  selected goods through the customs border of Ukraine. Thus, 15  documents have been removed from the list of documents to be presented  for customs clearance. 

    Also,  the authors of the order have implemented the European approach in  regard to the way companies declare information about documents  confirming compliance with prohibitions and restrictions set by law. 

    Thus,  it has become possible to insert a digital code on the customs  declaration to inform the customs office that the respective goods  proceeding through the customs border of Ukraine are not subject to  relevant prohibitions and restrictions.

    For  instance, the code 5056 is used to inform the clearing customs office  that agricultural chemical materials and pesticides are not subject to  state registration in Ukraine; the code 5057 indicates that goods are  not classified as hazardous waste; the code 5216 indicates that goods do  not contain ozone-damaging substances; the code 5059 indicates that  goods are not subject to the CITES Convention. 

    This  new regulation makes it easier to describe goods in the customs  declaration as well as to automate the control over compliance with  restrictions applied to the transfer of selected goods through the  customs border of Ukraine.

    The  order of the Ministry of Finance will come into effect 10 days after  its publication on the official website of the State Fiscal Service.

    To  improve the inter-institutional cooperation, it is proposed to the SFS  to update information exchange agreements with the bodies entitled to  carry out the respective state control.