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  • Ministry of Finance presents a detailed analysis of the use of the COVID Response Fund in 2020 by the main budget institutions
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 02 February 2021 10:45

    In 2020, the amount of funds allocated from the COVID-19 Response Fund made up UAH 78.4 billion out of UAH 80.9 billion. In particular, from the general fund there was used UAH 63.7 billion out of the allocated UAH 72 billion, the special fund - UAH 2.8 billion out of the allocated UAH 6.4 billion.

    The largest recipients of funds were:

    • The State Agency of Motor Roads used UAH 25.7 billion out of UAH 26.2 billion, or 98.3%, for the development of the network and maintenance of public roads of state importance;

    • The Ministry of Health used UAH 17.8 billion from the general fund out of UAH 20.4 billion, or 86.8%, and allotted UAH 1.4 billion wasn’t used from the special fund.

    The funds were used to purchase mechanical ventilation, personal protective equipment, equipment for the emergency departments of health care facilities in hospital districts, to increase allowances and surcharges to the salaries of physicians and other staff treating patients with COVID-19, to provide oxygen to health care facilities, etc.

    • The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture used UAH 8.8 billion out of UAH 10.7 billion, or 82.1%.

    The funds were used to pay unemployment benefits, for one-time compensation to business entities for the payment of a single contribution as the obligatory state social insurance, for the payment of one-time pecuniary aid to business entities.

    • The Ministry of Social Policy used UAH 4 billion out of UAH 6.8 billion or 59.8% under the general fund and UAH 2.8 billion out of UAH 5.0 billion or 55.5% under the special fund.

    The funds are used to provide insurance benefits for temporary incapacity, to make payments to family members of physicians who died due to COVID-19, to provide assistance to children of self-employed persons, to provide one-time financial assistance to insured persons in case of loss of income if their area of activity was completely prohibited during the quarantine restrictions.