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  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade launches the competitive selection of projects for receiving state grants with a total budget of UAH 100 million
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 22 December 2018 10:13

    On December 21, the first meeting of the Competition Committee for the selection of projects offering state incentives for the creation and use of inventions (utility models) and industrial designs was held under the chairmanship of the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine/ Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv.

    At its first meeting, the Commission approved a mechanism and conditions for selecting applicants, criteria for evaluating the best projects, recommendations to the fund operator regarding the organization of selection procedures, etc.

    The evaluation of projects will be carried out on a number of criteria: "novelty", "degree of readiness for commercial implementation", "social or market feasibility", "availability of law enforcement documents", "deadline" and other indicators.

    "This is an experimental project of state support for innovations and inventions initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade together with the State Finance Institution for Innovations (SFII). The project will help inventors to implement their inventions, solutions, useful models, not just on paper, but through real industrial production", commented Stepan Kubiv.

    He emphasized that the applications for a competition of projects with a total budget of UAH 100 million are welcomed starting January 1 and the process will last until September 30, 2019.

    "Accepting applications will start on January 1, 2019. This is the first stage of competitive selection when inventor - a natural or legal person can send an application for participation in the competition and compete for one of the state grants in the amount of up to UAH 500 thousand each. We expect applications for inventions, know-how, other results of the intellectual and creative activity, which will then become the basis of the business model for the implementation in practice", said Stepan Kubiv.

    The First Vice Prime Minister stressed that the state support for the invention would involve the procurement of services for selected projects in a transparent and public manner, using the ProZorro platform in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement".