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  • Ministry of Economy: Over UAH 10 billion raised for Ukraine’s budget through Prozorro.Sale since beginning of war
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 14 April 2023 14:22

    Starting February 24, over UAH 10 billion has been transferred to the budgets of various levels through online auctions in Prozorro.Sale, the state electronic trading system. During this period, more than 18,000 successful online auctions were held for the sale of public assets.

    Among the most profitable auctions were the sales of assets of bankrupt banks announced by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. These auctions raised UAH 2.7 billion. Small-scale privatisation of state and municipal property raised UAH 2 billion to the budget. Online auctions of land were also successful, raising almost UAH 1 billion during the war.

    “The priority of the Ministry of Economy under the leadership of Yuliia Svyrydenko is to create an environment for business development and economic growth today, without waiting for the end of the war. We also need uniform rules of the game in the markets. One of the steps in this direction is transparency and anti-corruption in the management of public property. Online auctions in the state electronic trading system allow citizens to compete fairly for assets and be confident in transaction guarantees, while the state can find new effective owners of assets and earn money to support the army during the war,” said Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Oleksii Sobolev.

    Thus, the highest-priced items acquired by businesses through Prozorro.Sale were a special permit for subsoil use for Mayorivska site worth UAH 1.1 billion, property rights and claims from the Deposit Guarantee Fund for UAH 410 million and UAH 350 million respectively, the lease of a 35,000-hectare land plot for UAH 310 million, and the Ust-Dunaiskyi state port for UAH 200 million. Competition at these auctions helped to set the market price for the assets.

    In particular, during the full-scale war, almost 3,600 organisers, including government agencies, corporations, local communities and private businesses, announced online auctions in the Prozorro.Sale system.

    According to the Prozorro.Sale public analytics module, more than 2,000 other auctions are currently at the stage of concluding agreements in the system, which can bring another UAH 2.7 billion to the budgets.

    As of April 14, more than 4,500 online auctions worth over UAH 10.4 billion have been announced in Prozorro.Sale, including 1,600 land e-auctions, almost 1,400 electronic auctions for commercial sales and leases, and 500 auctions for the sale of assets of bankrupt banks.