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  • Ministry of Economy: Japan isolates russia from modern technology
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 13 May 2022 14:51

    The Ministry of Economy of Japan has announced the list of goods and technologies is extended to be banned for export to the russian federation. These include quantum computers, 3D printers, equipment for microelectromechanical systems, hydrogen fuel, high-efficiency solar cells, polymer conductors and semiconductors, software control devices for machines, electron microscopes and a number of other products.

    Such sanctions by Japan will significantly limit the technological capabilities of the aggressor state and will not allow it to develop military technology and related industries that serve the military-industrial complex. This will allow reducing the opportunities for russia to wage aggressive wars, which is the main goal of the sanctions policy of the world's leading powers.

    "Ukraine is grateful to Japan for all forms of support in the fight against russian aggression. These include financial assistance in the form of a soft loan of $100 million, grant aid for the purchase of medical equipment, the announced embargo on imports of russian crude oil and other sanctions. We also count on the effective steps taken by the Japanese government to ban trade in all russian energy resources, as well as the imposition of sanctions in the marine fisheries sector. Currently, about 30% of Japanese companies have ceased operations in the russian federation, some have introduced a ban on exports of their products or restrictions on the range of production. We expect that the share of Japanese business that will stop any cooperation with russia will only grow," said First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko.

    It should be noted that during a recent meeting between Yulia Svyrydenko and Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Mr. Koichi Hagiuda, the parties discussed the assistance of the Japanese side in resolving the fuel crisis. In particular, by increasing the supply of electric cars. The Minister of Japan Koichi Hagiuda expressed his support for this initiative and stated his intention to encourage Japanese producers to increase fuel supplies to Ukraine.