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  • Ministry of Digital Transformation launches beta testing of online registration of place of residence on Diia portal
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 29 November 2021 11:40

    From December 1, a large-scale beta testing of a place of residence online starts on the Diia portal. One can join following the link – it is only necessary to fill a small questionnaire of 4 points.

    What is required to participate in testing:

    • tax number of applicant and owners/co-owners of housing accommodations;

    • QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) of applicant and owners/co-owners of housing accommodations;

    • the right of ownership of housing must be entered in the Real Estate Register (RER) since 2013;

    • all the information is available in the RER;

    • applicant must be over 14 years old.

    Before, the service was available only in 7 cities, and now it is extended to almost the entire country. It should be noted that for residents of Dnipro, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Mykolayiv and Kherson, this service will be available shortly.

    Change of residence is one of the most popular and most difficult to obtain as a government service. Every third Ukrainian does not live at the place of registration, and more than a million people live without registration at all. To inform the state where you live now, one must stand in several queues and collect a lot of paper documents, but now the situation will change.

    On November 5, the Verkhovna Rada supported as whole the bill on declaring a place of residence online. As a result, instead of going to the CASP with documents or the homeowner to register the place of residence, as well as to the conscription office and enlistment office, you only need to confirm your consent online. The service will be available online in just 1 business day.

    The project is implemented by the EGAP Program of the East Europe Foundation, funded by the Government of Switzerland, and supported by the project "Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Supporting the Digitization of Public Services in Ukraine" (DIA Support Project), implemented by UNDP with the support of Sweden and the Estonian e-Government Academy within the project "EU4DigitalUA: Interoperability, E-Services and Cybersecurity for Ukraine". Among the participants of the program are the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.