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  • Comment regarding Iryna Vereshchuk's statement on NATO in her interview with 112 TV channel
    Press Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, posted 24 September 2019 13:23

    We report that Representative of the Cabinet of Ministers to the Parliament of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk’s statement was incorrectly interpreted by a number of media outlets. Ukraine's EU-NATO strategic course is enshrined in the Constitution and remains unchanged. NATO's strategic readiness to accept Ukraine was also confirmed in the Bucharest Summit Declaration in 2008, which contains an explicit statement that Ukraine would become a NATO member.

    No doubt, the international armed conflict in the East complicates the progress of Ukraine’s integration into NATO on many points. We are also aware that peace-building process in Ukraine is highly dependent on the leadership of Russia. That was what Iryna Vereshchuk’s words meant.

    However, it also depends on us, since Ukraine will be considered for membership of NATO only having demonstrated considerable progress in reforms, in particular, succeeding in fighting corruption, ensuring good governance, transparency, respect for human rights and gender equality, reforming criminal justice and judicial system.

    This is what Iryna Vereshchuk referred to when she gave examples of other countries regarding their accession to NATO.

    Finally, Iryna Vereshchuk personally denied previously disseminated distorted information.