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  • The main objective of the Ministry of Social Policy is to ensure the continuous social payments
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 16 April 2020 17:16

    In the context of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, the Ministry of Social Policy is working in an accelerated regime to ensure continuity in social payments.

    This was stated by Deputy Minister of Social Policy Vitalii Muzychenko during an online conference "State Policy on Administrative Services Provision During Quarantine".

    The Deputy Minister emphasized that during the quarantine period, given the restrictions, citizens can choose a convenient way and opportunity to receive social assistance in social protection bodies: - through the online services available to apply for a number of social assistance, in particular, for registration of housing subsidies, childbirth allowances, etc .; - through sending documents by mail; - though boxes in social protection bodies, which disables unnecessary contact among people.

    According to Vitalii Muzychenko, in March, the number of people who applied for social assistance directly in consolidated communities (CCs) through the program complex "Social Community" has increased by 40%.

    The program allows one to complete all formalities directly on place, without visiting the district center. To date, 246 applications have been received from CCS to install the relevant software.

    It should be noted that for the period of quarantine and 30 days after its abolition, state social benefits will be automatically re-assigned. Under the Government's decision, there were extended the timeframes for the following: - payment of state social assistance for the new period, which was previously appointed, without the need for the personal address of citizens to the bodies of social protection; - new requests for certain types of state aid; - payment of state social assistance to persons with disabilities since childhood, children with disabilities, persons with disabilities, in cases where the period of review by the body of the Disability Determination Service (DDS) or Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) has been missed.