Prime Minister of Ukraine met with leaders of the Ministry of Healthcare
Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 12 June 2018 16:36

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman met with the leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare, in particular Ulana Suprun and her deputy Olexandr Lynchevsky to tackle the situation surrounding the commentary on the results of the Accounting Chamber's report on the treatment of patients with cancer abroad.

"It is important that people, especially those who deal with healthcare sector, would be people with a good heart and provide support with understanding that any person can share the same destiny. The main thing is to be ready to help in any difficult situation", the Head of Government said. "It is possible to judge by words, nevertheless it is better to evaluate actions and show everyone that compassion, good heart, and the effort to help are those pillars the world bases on".

The Prime Minister said that he knew Olexandr Linchevsky as a doctor, practitioner who had found himself in various situations. "It would be nice if your further steps provided an understanding of who you really are, what views, principles and moralities you have through concrete actions."

In response, Olexandr Linchevsky expressed regret that his words taken from the closed meeting were distorted, although in fact it was just about the protection of the program of assistance for cancer patients.

"I remain a doctor. At free, excluding hours of work in the Ministry, time I work in a hospital, I see patients every day. Years of study and work have been devoted to helping patients - no matter what they say. I was working and I continue to discharge of duties as a doctor", said Olexandr Linchevsky.

The Head of Government noted that much could be said in this matter, but there are actions. "I propose to pay more attention in your professional activities as a doctor to care, medical support and treatment for cancer patients. It will show off your character and there will be no other interpretations of your words. There is a lot of talk, but there are actions", said Volodymyr Groysman. "Find a hospice, oncology hospital - during the off-hours, as a professional doctor and a good person – just help and support. And appealing to those who tried to smear you, I’d suggest looking at you from the other side and then draw conclusions. I want justice here."