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  • Prime Minister assures a report on forest smuggling chain to be ready till mid-September
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 23 July 2018 12:55

    Forest trafficking activities, which has reached UAH 6-8 billion per year, will be traced along the whole chain, while cases on it will be made public and submitted to the Anticorruption Court, the establishment of which is underway. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced during a Government meeting with the participation of heads of the State Fiscal Service, the National Police, the State Audit Service and Ukrzaliznytsia.

    "It is essential to stop this barbaric destruction of Ukrainian forests when, under the guise of low-grade wood, they deliver commercial wood. It is vital to conduct an audit of all forest husbandries, by joining efforts of the SFS, the National Police, the State Audit Service, so that we were aware how much wood is cut, how much is exported, what losses the state bears, but most importantly how much forest have been destroyed so that we can recover the Ukrainian forests. This is now essential. The work should be well-coordinated and open", the Head of Government emphasized.

    The PM accentuated that the role of Ukrzaliznytsia, which from now on has to record wood transportation and documentation, to submit photo records to the State Audit Service, SFS, National Police. "In such a way we can follow the whole chain of conspiracy. This case will be headline-making and we want to submit it to the Anticorruption Court", stressed Volodymyr Groysman. "Now every wood delivery must be stopped, inspected by commission of specialists. If they find a violation, this will be the ground for holding accountable all those who are involved in smuggling."

    According to the Prime Minister, an algorithm of actions will soon appear, taking into account the powers of all bodies, as well as a working group will be set up.

    "We must make the country richer, rather than destroy the Ukrainian forest. I need the result, the names, and the analytics regarding the companies, who are the founders", urged Volodymyr Groysman. "By mid-September we are preparing a public report on the work done. Get ready for the serious work. The commodity flow has been stopped at the moment. We will only intensify this activity. Let's join our efforts and set things in order."

    Prime Minister assures a report on forest smuggling chain to be ready till mid-September