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  • Hanna Novosad: We are planning to change the system of funding for higher education and join the Horizon Europe Framework Program
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 08 November 2019 16:19

    The Government is planning to change the system of financing higher education. The Minister of Education and Science Anna Novosad announced this today, presenting To Do List changes that are planned to be implemented in the fields of education and science.

    "We believe that changing the economic logic of the higher education financing system is the way towards quality education," the official said, adding that the system of higher education financing, based on the results of the activity, is planned to replace the public procurement system.

    "The funding will be based on specific performance indicators. This includes, for instance, getting into international rankings, the amount of funds raised from business, activity in scientific international activities, and so on. "This will allow universities to start thinking how to achieve that graduate is competitive," the Minister stressed.

    Meanwhile, she believes that at that universities should be able to dispose of funds, partly of property, to form salaries. An appropriate package of bills to change the system of management and financing of universities is already being drafted.

    In addition, Hanna Novosad is convinced that university leaders should be "not monarchs, but good managers". For this reason, management training and a KPI will be organized for rectors. The Ministry also plans to simplify licensing, namely the introduction of e-licensing procedure.

    "Science should become an integral part of higher education. We want to ensure that Ukrainian scientists have the proper conditions for their research and are integrated into the international educational space, " the Minister said presenting plans for the development of science. By the end of the year, the National Research Fund should be operational - the first institution to fund research on a grant basis. The legislation on simplifying the use of grants is also planned to be amended by the end of the year.

    "We are investing significantly in scientific equipment and creating conditions through so-called collective investment centers. By the end of the year, we want to give universities more than UAH 100 million to finance those centers next year," the Minister said.

    Moreover, Hanna Novosad noted that integration into European science would continue. In particular, an agreement will be signed over the next year with the EU on joining the Horizon Europe framework program, which will allow our scientists, along with European ones, to participate in various projects.