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  • Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine allocated UAH 30.6 million worth of insurance payments to victims of hostilities and families of those killed
    Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine, posted 16 January 2023 14:43

    Injury or death as a result of hostilities in the course of performing official duties is an insured event, and all affected employees are entitled to a number of insurance payments.

    Over the past year, the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine has awarded insurance payments related to injuries or death due to hostilities in the amount of UAH 30.6 million. Among them are one-time benefits to families and dependants of those who were killed as a result of hostilities, one-time benefits to injured employees, temporary disability benefits and monthly insurance payments to victims payable until full recovery or for life.

    Starting 2023, the Social Insurance Fund has transferred its tasks and functions, including awarding and financing insurance payments, to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Victims who have been assigned payments by the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine will continue to receive benefits to the accounts specified in their applications.

    The Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine emphasizes the need for strict and unconditional compliance with occupational safety guidelines, sheltering in case of air alerts and announcing air alerts at enterprises, development and implementation of algorithms for employees’ actions in case of emergency.