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  • 37 ESCO deals to the tune of UAH 40 mln concluded through PROZORRO

    Since the launch of the ESCO-modules in the ProZORRO Public Procurement System in October 2017, in just a few months, 348 tenders have been announced for the procurement of energy services for budgetary institutions.

    Of these, 172 auctions have been successfully conducted, and 37 contracts signed to the tune of UAH 40 million in various regions of Ukraine.

    The largest energy service contract was concluded in Baryshivka, Kyiv region. This includes a complex of measures to insulate secondary school with the total budget of UAH 10 million. Contract term is 14 years. It is expected that the energy savings after all energy efficient measures introduced will reach 50%.

    "Statistics show that local authorities and investors are showing increasing interest in ESCO - a transparent mechanism for attracting private capital to insulation of schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other welfare facilities. At the same time, no copeck from the budget is spent", commented Serhii Savchuk, Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving.

    Investor returns the invested money at the expense of the cut energy resources consumption, therefore, he, like nobody else, is interested in the quality of the work fulfilled. Budget institution, which will save a lot on the payment of utility bills, will benefit frrom that.

    So, the higher economy of energy resources is provided, the greater is the benefit for both sides of the ESCO agreement.

    Serhii Savchuk urged investors to take an active interest in the ESCO services market. In the national base of potential objects offered for the energy service activities there are over 12 thousand budget institutions, he added.

    The progress of purchases is available to follow online at https://prozorro.gov.ua/en.