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  • E-passports in Diia: Government approves a resolution
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 15 April 2020 17:46

    The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the Resolution “On the implementation of an experimental project on the use of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine in electronic form and the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling in electronic form ”.

    E-passports in the Diia (Action) application are digital analogs of paper documents, according to the Resolution.

    Digital passports will be available to all Ukrainians very soon, and now they are being tested by over 17,000 citizens. Electronic versions of an ID card and international biometric passport will be available in the Diia application.

    Amid quarantine, this is especially relevant, as digital passports can be used as an ID if one gets stopped by the police.

    In addition, one can travel by plane or train, receive postal services, and perform banking operations with the electronic passport within the country. One can also confirm that he/she has attained majority from his/her Diia application when buying cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Also to get medical, hotel services, or produce to law enforcement officers.

    Using a digital passport, one can also use the library, get telecommunications services, get admission to administrative buildings and receive government services at CASPs, on the Diia portal or to obtain money when returning goods.

    All the documents in the Diia mobile application are only valid on the territory of Ukraine. An international passport provides the same rights and opportunities as a national passport. Thus, if a citizen does not have a driver's license or ID card, he or she can certify his/her identity using the foreign passport, loaded in the Diia app.

    A digital passport is more reliable than a paper passport and no less reliable than a plastic passport. Every hour, the Diia mobile app updates the information in the registers, and every three minutes generates a unique QR code, which allows you to check your passport from any smartphone where Diia app is installed.