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  • Prime Minister: We rooted out corruption component in the registration of land plots
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 06 February 2020 13:20

    The free function of checking the exchange files required for land registration was launched. The rate of denial of registration will be reduced to 4%. Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk announces during presentation of Diia(Action) mobile app.

    Exchange files needed for land registration - XML files - can be checked for free before submission. The relevant verification function was launched today by the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (State GeoCadastre).

    "From now on, if you submit documents for the registration of the land plot, your file can be automatically checked by the program and you will receive feedback on the list of mistakes that you have committed," the Head of Government said.

    According to the PM, people could have been waiting for a reply for months, and even if they receive feedback, there was no information about what kind of mistake they had made in the file.

    "This is another step towards the transparent work of the State Geocadastre and the elimination of corruption risks. Tools such as the XML File Checker opened at the beginning of the year with coordinates that, by the way, eliminated the shadow market with an annual turnover of UAH 250 million, will now definitely prevent denial of registration for fictional reasons. This is time and cost-saving for citizens. The State continues to improve its services," Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk commented.

    According to an analysis of state registration applications, more than 60% of refusals concerned comments on the correctness of filling in and validity of the exchange file. Thus, people could get refusal of registration due to an error in the exchange file, without specifying which one. From now on, before filing, one can check if everything is filled in correctly, detect errors and receive a validation protocol that will be stored in the system for 90 days.

    The said service will be available on the e-service portal of the State GeoCadastre (https://e.land.gov.ua).

    Apart from that, when submitting the application in electronic form for state registration of the land plot, it is possible to make a reference to the exchange file verification protocol. It is also possible to check the validity of a file using a QR code.

    According to the State Geocadastre, before opening coordinates - the average percentage of denials in the country was 28%. After their opening - 14%. The checking process will reduce even further, as expected to 4%.


    The XML exchange file is an electronic document on the basis of which information is entered into the system of the State Land Cadastre, it is formed and signed by an electronic digital signature of a certified land engineer.

    The XML file for the land plot contains information about the land, namely: the coordinates of the land plot, the area, the sizes of the parties, the designated purpose, existing land use restrictions, the documentation on the basis of which the land plot was created, the cadastral number and identity of the developer of this exchange file.

    Prime Minister: We rooted out corruption component in the registration of land plots