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  • Hanna Novosad: State to continue to invest in modern equipment for educational institutions and to launch a transparent competition to receive funding
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 25 October 2019 12:14

    The state intends to include increase of investment in creation of scientific and practical centers of educational institutions at least up to 100 million UAH in the state budget for 2020. Negotiations are currently underway with MPs on the possibility of increasing these investments to UAH 250 million. To receive these funds transparently, the Ministry of Education and Science plans to launch a transparent competition to receive such funding from institutions. Education Minister Hanna Novosad  announced thid today October 25, during a meeting with employers, the board of stakeholders of Lviv region, who are interested in graduates of professional education institutions.

    "I would like not only to increase our investment in vocational education, but also to make the whole process more efficient. Now a very little sum is allocated to the regions. It would be right together our employers and regions to select such institutions in order to bring about a truly new quality of education", the Minister said.

    She added that the procedure for such competitive selection is currently being developed and will be shortly presented.

    More than 230 scientific practical centers have been opened in Ukrainian educational establishments where students work with modern equipment and materials. Of these, 145 are financed from the state budget, and almost 90 are financed by business and social partners.