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  • Four years of Diia: Mykhailo Fedorov announces new services in the app
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 12 February 2024 15:20

    Currently, 14 digital documents and more than 30 services are available in the app, and more than 100 services are available on the portal. Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development and Minister of Digital Transformation, spoke about what updates to expect in Diia in the near future in an article for Liga.net.

    Thanks to Diia, digital transformation has become pop culture. Government officials are now competing to be the first to introduce electronic services. And Ukrainians are used to the fact that most services can be accessed in a few clicks on their smartphones. More than 90% of the most popular services are already available in Diia. Mykhailo Fedorov announced what services will be available in the app in the near future:

    • Car customs clearance in Diia. This is one of the most anticipated services that will make the customs clearance process transparent and fast, without any subjective decisions by customs and human factors. The price calculation will take into account only the constant characteristics that cannot be influenced by the customs officer.
    • Online marriage in Diia. The service will allow Ukrainians to get married without leaving their homes. Or even if they are in different cities with their loved ones.
    • Services for veterans. They will provide an opportunity to obtain an online status of a combatant, a person with a war-related disability, a family member of a fallen defender of Ukraine.
    • Patient account and medical pushes. The service will allow you to register in the electronic healthcare system (EHS) through Diia, and then choose a doctor and sign a declaration. In addition, notifications from the EHS will also be sent to Diia.
    • Open source code for Diia. It will help export the app to other countries and support its integration. In addition, it will allow the IT community to join the code analysis and suggest changes or improvements.
    • More documents in the app. In particular, educational certificates and diplomas, civil records of birth, name change, marriage and divorce. In addition to the child’s birth certificate, parents will also be able to display their own certificates, as well as those of children over 18.
    • Diia.Signature for legal entities. The most secure electronic signature will be available for businesses. This will help speed up processes and make the actions of entrepreneurs transparent.
    • Diia for partners. A new integration scenario that will allow partners to authorise Diia users by obtaining their full name, phone number, and email.