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  • Four large investors compete for Kherson Sea Port concession
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 09 December 2019 14:45

    The accepting applications from those wishing to participate in a tender for the concession of the property of the state enterprise Kherson Sea Commercial Port, which has been running since October 8, 2019, has just wound up.

    The applications were submitted by 4 major investors, inter alia experienced port operators from Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Switzerland. In the first decade of 2020, the winner of the transparent competition will be announced.

    The implementation of this project means plus UAH 1.37 billion of investments in the port and UAH 14.3 billion of earning in the budget. In addition, it is plus 5% as the investor's contribution for infrastructure development. This implies that the contributor must invest in the construction of key port facilities and surrounding areas. These include investments to the tune of at least UAH 11 million for major repairs of the road network in Kherson near the seaport, as well as additional funding for other road construction activities within the city for 30 years.

    It is important that among the competitors are two successful international companies with extensive expertise in the port industry, which will be firstly operating in Ukraine and will have a chance to bring fresh international perspective.

    Such a range of participants is also proof of a growing trust from the international community to Ukraine. Particularly because concession is a type of public-private partnership.

    Four large investors compete for Kherson Sea Port concession