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  • Business gained access to the market worth UAH 30 billion due to the regulation of Prozorro Market, - Ihor Petrashko
    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, posted 14 September 2020 14:25

    Today, September 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution "On approval of the procedure for the formation and use of electronic catalog." This document will regulate the operation of the first state-owned online store Prozorro Market and reveal its full potential for business and the state.

    From now on, state customers can use Prozorro Market for purchases of up to UAH 200,000, and those that are monopolists in their particular industry - up to UAH 1 million. Previously, the upper limit was only UAH 50,000, which significantly limited the purchases of many customers through Prozorro Market.

    Prozorro Market was created to ensure that state and municipal authorities and enterprises can, avoiding inordinate efforts and organization of tenders, buy consumer goods: office supplies, fuel, furniture, household chemicals, computers, utensils, etc. In addition to these items, Prozorro Market platform also sells medical masks, antiseptics, sanitary kits and many other medical products.

    “Prozorro Market is a new opportunity for both the state and business. Entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized businesses, will have opportunity to significantly expand the market due to this tool: the potential turnover on the Prozorro Market makes up UAH 30 billion annually. At the same time, state institutions receive a convenient procurement tool,” said Ihor Petrashko, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

    The full launch of Prozorro Market was made possible by the hard work of Deputy Minister Svitlana Panaiotidi and the Public Procurement Department.

    What are the other benefits of the updated Prozorro Market?

    The principle of saving public funds is preserved. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers regulates the tool for requesting price proposals. When buying something over UAH 50,000, the customer will indicate the product, and suppliers will provide their prices. The winner - the one who offers the lowest price - will be determined automatically. Thus, one of the main principles of public procurement - competition – is further in effect in Prozorro Market.

    The Prozorro Market will enable businesses to save time and reduce operating costs. To get into the electronic catalog Prozorro Market, it is enough to go through a simple qualification procedure once. Thus, entrepreneurs get a convenient sales channel and can receive orders from more than 30,000 government agencies across the country without additional advertising.

    Flexible rates. For the maintenance, filling and development of Prozorro Market, the business will pay a commission - but only if the agreement is signed. It is about 3% of the contract amount at the purchase price up to UAH 50,000, 2% - up to UAH 200,000, 1% - over UAH 200,000. For government customers, the use of Prozorro Market is completely free.


    The Prozorro Market electronic catalog was launched in pilot mode in April last year. Currently, Prozorro Market already sells products to more than 1,000 suppliers. The amount of signed contracts is over UAH 60 million.