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  • Andrii Reva: 1297 flats for orphaned children were purchased in past two years
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 08 April 2019 17:37

    1297 apartments during the past two years were purchased for orphaned children. Minister of Social Policy Andrii Reva told during a working meeting with the UNICEF Representative in Ukraine, Ms. Lotta Sylwander.

    "Volodymyr Groysman's Government was the first in 28 years to set the goal of eliminating the problem of the lack of housing for orphaned children. Over the past two years 1297 apartments for orphans were purchased for the allocated funds", the Minister said.

    Andrii Reva noted that the children who at that time became graduates of higher educational institutions had been provided with housing at first place, since those who are younger were raised in foster families, study in educational institutions and are provided with housing in dormitories. But the child, who winds up with his/her studying and enters adulthood, immediately faces the problem of lack of housing.

    "Last year we completely satisfied the need in housing for this category of children, and the same task is facing us this year", the official told, adding that the procedure for providing housing has become completely transparent and free of corruption risks. "We do not buy an apartment, but we provide these children with money, and they, with the assistance of the local authorities, buy themselves accommodation. In the future, we plan to raise funds from local budgets, which would allow all other categories of orphaned children to be provided with housing.  The procedure is more transparent than those that were in effect before, it is an important step in overcoming corruption and we will further improve the system in this direction."