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  • Prime Minister: Stimulation of production will allow to saturate the market and stabilize prices, any regulation generates only shortage of goods
    posted 19 February 2018 09:53

    Encouraging production of, first of all, food products will offer an opportunity to saturate the market and secure the price situation better than any artificial barriers, which in the end lead only to commodity shortage and further price increase. This was stated by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on air of one of TV channels.

    "Any regulation causes deficit of goods and further price hike. I choose another way... For example, recently there was meat price rise caused by various reasons. What are we doing today? Large-scale increase of the livestock. This year we will see the result. Every family will be able to ensure livestock housing, we will saturate the market with meat and milk products and prices will be more stable. There is still room for improvement", the Prime Minister stressed

    He emphasized the priority is a national economy, the growth of which will enable citizens to increase incomes without excessive inflation.

    "I would like to ensure every family earns more and everyone finds its place whether at job market or in university. In one day it's not possible to do this, but we kicked this work. It was impossible for people to receive the minimum wage for years. I do not agree with the unfair pension system. For this reason, in 2017 we introduced a number of systemic changes that  allowed to improve the well-being of citizens at the expense of economic growth. The point is that these steps should be continued.  And I know for sure that prices will be more secured in 2018", the Head of Government claimed.

    The Prime Minister underlined the key indicator for the Government will be average wage at the level of approximately UAH 10 thousand. "The target for 2018 is the development of the economy. More products, people should receive higher salaries. In 2018, average salary will make up 10 thousand  hryvnias", The Prime Minister claimed.