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  • Andrii Reva: Participation of Finland in the construction of rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Ukraine is rather symbolic
    posted 12 October 2017 11:05

    The construction of a rehabilitation center for the disabled people was the topic for the discussion of Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Andrii Reva and Coordinator for economic and commercial issues at the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine Oleksii Krolevets with participation of representatives of ten Finnish companies engaged in construction sector, energy saving and environmental technologies, and alternative energy sources.

    It is a generally known fact that the largest such institution in Ukraine to rehabilitate people with disabilities located in Yevpatoria (Crimea) which is currently situated in the occupied territory. And the need for a specialized rehabilitation center, unfortunately, remained high and even grew due to the hostilities in the east of Ukraine.

    In this regard, the President of the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine, the President’s Commissioner for the Rights of People with Disabilities, Valerii Sushkevych who was present at the meeting noted that the first program for the rehabilitation of participants in the events in the east of Ukraine had been developed by the Ministry of Social Policy.

    The center will be built in the city of Dnipro. The Ministry of Social Policy is responsible for the design and construction, while the Ministry of Youth and Sport – for the provision of necessary equipment. The erection in Ukraine of another center for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities is the realization of an order of the President of Ukraine and a special ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers.

    The participation of Finland in the construction of such a facility has become symbolic, because, according to the Minister for Social Policy, Ukraine is now paving the way that Finland had passed almost 80 years ago - the latter had survived the Soviet occupation, we are suffering from Russian occupation. In addition, Finland is called “the land of the thousand lakes”, and the new rehabilitation center in the Dnipro will be built on the peninsula.

    The meeting’s attendees noted the significance of this project as it concerns social responsibility. It is interesting also for the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine, Mr. Krolevets said, as it can trigger other joint projects.