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  • LITPOLUKRBRIG Battle Staff Training integrates in Exercise DRAGON-17
    posted 25 September 2017 12:10

    Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command deploys a Command Post and commences BRAVE BROTHER Battle Staff Training in the Land Forces Training Area Dęba, integrated in the Polish Armed Forces Exercise DRAGON-17, on 25 September 2017.

    In particular, early in the morning under the leadership of Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander, the BST opening ceremony with the participation of the Multinational Brigade Command formations and affiliated HQ Battalion soldiers was held.

    After such a spectacular event, all the BST BRAVE BROTHER participants dismissed to their working places and began executing operational tasks according to the scenario in Peace Support Operation fields.

    “During the following five days we will undergo a new training challenge. Together with my Deputy Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov and Chief of Staff Eligijus Senulis we will exercise the staff officers from Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine in their capability to adhere LITPOLUKRBRIG operational procedures and manage affiliated units in a challenging operational environment,” said Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander.