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  • Prime Minister presented key draft laws prior to the new political season
    posted 30 August 2017 13:48

    The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, prior to the launch of the new session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, held a meeting of the Government, where he presented important draft laws that require prompt adoption by the Parliament this fall and announced new principles for cooperation with theVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    «Maybe someone is planning to make the upcoming political season very difficult, but we ought to make it effective. We can approve the necessary decisions this fall seek to change the situation in many spheres of our life», the Prime Minister underlined.

    He explained that the issue at stake is five vital packages of bills on far-reaching reforms. Namely - education, medicine and pension, new standards in the financial sphere, state property management, introduction of electronic services and changes in administrative management.

    According to the Head of Government, the proposed package of bills is a chance to strengthen both the economy and international positions, a chance for inevitable transformations that will be implemented by the joint efforts of the President, the Government and the Parliament.

    The Prime Minister singled out the following proposals.


    Educational reform (The draft law No. 3491-d)

    The adoption of the educational reform stipulates for the introduction of new principles of teaching and management of schools, provide schools with greater autonomy in the disposal of financial resources and the formation of an educational process. «We also reinstate the respect for the Ukrainian teacher. This year, we have raised wages for educators by 50%. Next year wages will be raised by at least by 25%», stressed the Prime Minister.


    Medical reform (Draft laws No №6327, №6604)

    The healthcare reform encapsulates the creation of a modern health financing model in the country. This will allow the patient to choose a doctor and hospital, regardless of the place of registration. A focal point of change is the introduction of a state guaranteed and free package of quality medical services and medicines for the patient.

     «We eradicate the practice of financing in neglected hospital building. We will direct funds to a specific medical service and we have to make every single effort to make the healthcare system qualitative. All decisions see its final stage», the Head of Government stressed.


    Electronic Trust Services (The draft law No. 4685).

    The bill envisages the introduction of electronic tools that will ease doing business and provide additional opportunities for citizens and enterprises based on the use of new technologies.

    The document stipulates for creation of mechanisms for online business communication with authorities and introduces online access to administrative services for citizens. The Government expects the initiative will provide wide opportunities for Ukrainian business in the the European digital space.


    International Financial Reporting Standards (The draft law No. 646-d).

    The bill is aimed at strengthening Ukraine's index in the ease of doing business, ensuring the inflow of direct investments and establishing transparency of financial records of companies. The issues at stake is the mandatory application of international accounting standards for large enterprises, while simultaneously reducing the financial reporting of small businesses, the openness of mining companies and citizens' access to financial statements of enterprises.

    There are tactical initiatives concerning further decentralization, support of leading industries of the economy, solving environmental issues and issues of national security

    During the presentation, Volodymyr Groysman also drew attention to new approaches in the cooperation with the Parliament.

    «In our work with Parliament we will focus only on the necessary bills in all spheres. We do not need legislative spam. Our core objective is to make Ukraine a great country in which every citizen will have a decent life. I am deeply convinced that we should demonstrate consolidated efforts together with the President and the Parliament in order to ensure adequate standard of living for Ukrainians», underscored Volodymyr Groysman.

    The Prime Minister proposed to withdraw about 60 bills that became irrelevant, moreover he informed that the Government has approved the candidacy of the lawmaker Vadym Denysenko as the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.