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  • Volodymyr Groysman about preparation for the heating season: We have ample opportunities to timely finalize preparation for the autumn-winter heating period
    posted 17 August 2017 11:52

    The country has all necessary facilities to complete timely preparation for the autumn-winter heating period and full responsibility for carrying out the necessary work lies on the shoulders of local authorities. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a special teleconference dedicated to the preparation for upcoming the autumn-winter period 2017/2018 which is underway in Mykolaiv.

    «Preparation for the heating season is vitally important, thus much depends on the work of local authorities. A key requirement is to timely finalize preparation and to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of heating, utility services and high quality operation of transport. We have time to complete the preparatory work, but local governance should assume responsibility. I see all opportunities for quality preparation», the Prime Minister underscored.