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  • Volodymyr Kistion: Introduction of emergency measures in the energy sector enabled the country to economize 2.7 million tons of anthracite coal
    posted 04 August 2017 10:59

    The temporary introduction of emergency measures in the national energy market from 17 February to 17 July 2017 helped to economize 2.7. million tons of Grade A coal. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion during the meeting on problematic issues in the unified energy system.

    According to Volodymyr Kistion, it became possible to achieve the said result by increasing the duty cycle on hydropower industry, nuclear power plants and thermal power plants (TPP) using coal of the gas group.  "As for today, reserves of coal in the storages of TPPs and thermal power stations (TPS) make up 2 million 344 thousand tons. The preparation for the heating season is being conducted according to the schedule. We have enough strategic reserves of coal, thereby it is meaningless now to continue emergency measures in the energy sector”, the Vice Prime Minister asserted.

    He noted that the reduction in coal reserves of TPPs and TPS in July was forecasted as two months of summer - July and August – it is a scheduled outage of generating units of nuclear power plants in order to ensure proper functioning for peak electricity loads in winter. Meanwhile, Grade A coal is being accumulated.

     «Summer is the second peak period, when the Ukrainian power system should work under our watchful eye. At the moment, everything goes according to the plan, not only in the direction of accumulation of coal, but also in the production of electricity», Volodymyr Kistion emphasized.

    In the course of the meeting dedicated to the preparation for the autumn-winter period with leadership of the strategic enterprises of the unified energy system, there was aired a proposal concerning the establishment of the Coordination Council under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine which will elaborate the regulatory framework necessary for the implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market". The said proposal will be submitted for consideration to the next session of the Government.