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  • Prime Minister: Reform Support Teams initiated by the Government are aimed to raise professionalism of the Ukrainian authorities and the quality of changes launched in the country
    posted 17 October 2016 15:00

    Reform Support Teams (RST) initiated by the Government with the support of international partners, will provide an opportunity to improve the competency of Ukrainian authorities, their professionalism and the quality of the decisions considered essential to support the implementation of priority reforms capable to change the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a presentation of the enhanced Reforms Support Architecture on Monday.

    "Mechanisms such as Reforms Delivery Office can improve our capacity, make our government more professional while the decisions we elaborate more clear with the view to the need of not just reforming as a process, but adopting necessary decisions to change life in our country", said Volodymyr Groysman.

    The introduction of new support tools and implementation of vital reforms in the country are considered crucial, given that one of the main problems of governance in Ukraine is institutional incapacity, the Head of the Government noted.

    According to him, the mechanisms of support for reform appear a contribution to the improvement of the quality of changes necessary for the country and much needed for the people.

    "We can't make reforms for the sake of reforms, we can make reforms for the country, for the people", highlighted the Prime Minister.

    In this regard the Head of Government thanked international partners for their assistance in creating mechanisms to support reforms.

    "A mechanism of Reforms Delivery Office coordinated by the Prime Minister which is being presented today, Reform Support Teams in key Ministries, Strategic Advisory Group in synergy with the National Reform Council in cooperation with our international partners will ensure an absolutely new quality of decision-making aimed at changing the country", he urged.

    Volodymyr Groysman expressed assurance that Ukraine deserves to take worthy place in the European community and on the world map. "We need Ukraine to become a successful country. The task we set is absolutely real. Such mechanisms, which we are now discussed, bring us closer to this goal. When each citizen says: "Yes, I feel that changes started", it will be the main indicator of our action", said the Head of Government.

    Moreover, Volodymyr Groysman accentuated that most changes should have been carried out in Ukraine 10-20 years before. But, the transformation had not occurred, the problems turned into chronic, and nowadays the country is facing a series of challenges.

    The Government of Ukraine is aware of the challenges on the agenda, and committed to prolong efficient, professional work, stressed the Prime Minister. In particular, the steps are made to professionalize the public administration system, and Public Administration Reform is underway in Ukraine.

    The Government has determined its top priority the revival of the national economy, enabling to disclose the potential of the country. In this direction there were established the National Industry Development Committee of Ukraine and the Investment Support Office, there were introduced regular meetings with businesses to discuss their pressing problems and to facilitate creating of a favorable business climate. Also, measures are taken to achieve energy independence, there have been launched rebuilding infrastructure of the country, road repairs.

    "I strongly believe that we have all the prerequisites to become a successful, democratic country with strong economy", stressed the Head of Government.