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  • Grain Initiative: russia suspends registration of incoming fleet
    Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, posted 01 July 2023 15:54

    russia has completely suspended registration of the new fleet since June 26, indicating its intention to disrupt food supplies to world markets.

    29 ships that are supposed to export 1.4 million tonnes of food mainly to 5 countries in Asia and Africa, including China, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Turkey, are blocked by russia in Turkish territorial waters.

    In June, only 2 million tonnes were exported from Ukrainian ports. Another 1 million tonnes of food is either being loaded or has already been partially loaded on 13 ships - the last ones registered with the Initiative. If the registration of ships is not restored, the Grain Deal will be completely stopped.

    In 11 months, 45 countries have received 32.5 million tonnes of food. The world did not receive an additional 25 million tonnes due to russia's sabotage. But even with these figures, according to the UN, it was possible to reduce global food prices by 22%. This is direct evidence that the world needs the Grain Deal.

    We support the statement of the Joint Coordination Centre that all parties to the agreement must immediately ensure access to ships for food exports, as this creates a food threat to the entire global market. Only through joint efforts can the world stop russia's food blackmail.

    We call on our partners in the Deal and all countries of the civilised world to defend their right to food. Ukraine, for its part, will also defend the right to free trade navigation, which is enshrined in international conventions.