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  • Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the 4th anniversary of the downing of the flight MH 17
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 17 July 2018 17:12

    17 of July will forever remain in our memory as a tragic day of a  terrible terrorist act, which killed 298 people. Four years ago the  Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by the Russian  anti-aircraft missile system «Buk».

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of Ukraine expresses its sincere condolences to all relatives and next  of kin of those who died in this catastrophe.

    Currently it is our  common duty and matter of honor to establish and bring to justice those  involved in the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

    Throughout  four years the Joint Investigation Team, which includes investigators  and prosecutors from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and  Ukraine, has been working hard and scrupulously in order to identify  perpetrators and bring them to justice.

    It has already been  established that the missile system «Buk», which shot down the MH17,  belonged to the 53-rd Air Defense Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces.  It was illegally delivered on the territory of Ukraine through the  uncontrolled part of the Ukrainian-Russian state border and hastily  returned back to Russia after the downing of the aircraft.

    Such  actions are not only criminally punishable, but also constitute  violation of the norms of international law. Ukraine resorted to the  International Court of Justice to prove that the Russian Federation by  such actions violated the International Convention for the Suppression  of the Financing of Terrorism.

    Ukraine welcomes and supports the  initiative of the Netherlands and Australia to bring the Russian  Federation to responsibility for its role in downing the MH17 flight.

    Last  week the Agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands on international  legal cooperation regarding crimes related to the downing of flight  MH17 was almost simultaneously ratified by the parliaments of the  Netherlands and Ukraine.

    We will continue to provide all possible  assistance in this important case and will cooperate with our partners  for the sake of the establishment of justice.