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  • Wages for teachers and doctors will be paid: Government will help to remedy the situation with arrears of pay
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 26 November 2019 13:59

    The Government considers the situation with the arrears of wages to doctors and teachers unacceptable. Systematic delays in the payment of salaries during all years of Ukraine's independence are due to inefficient distribution of state subsidies by local authorities.

    "Tomorrow, the Government will redistribute the sum worth UAH 171.1 million to be transferred for the payment of salaries to teachers and will allot an additional UAH 326 million to be directed to prolong financing of medical subventions, in particular, to pay salaries for doctors," said Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk.

    Besides, the Ministry of Healthcare is changing a mechanism of payment of medical subvention for contracting, i.e. the amount of allocated financing will depend on the number of medical services provided to people. Hence, there won’t be any delays in payments for doctors from next year.

    The Ministry of Education and Science is working vigorously along three directions towards preventing debts:

    - the following year, for the first time ever, the actual share of children was taken into account in the educational subvention. Simply said, they used to pay wages for the quantity of children that is significantly lower than realistic number. In fact, this means that teachers have been underpaid in recent years. We are finally rectifying this situation and adding UAH 2.2 billion to take into account the realistic number of students;

    - an effective network of schools is established, which will allow increasing the salaries of educators;

    - prepares changes to the formula of distribution of educational subvention.

    Moreover, the Government has planned the largest budget for the financing of healthcare, education and science in the 2020 State Budget. For example, for the first time, annual financial support to the tune of UAH 21,000 is planned for young teachers. While healthcare funding has been increased by 13% in total.

    Wages for teachers and doctors will be paid: Government will help to remedy the situation with arrears of pay