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  • Oleksii Orzhel: The Government will ensure a stable passage of the heating season
    Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, posted 25 November 2019 21:01

    The autumn-winter heating period in the country will be stable and safe. Ukraine has accumulated record gas reserves in storage facilities in the amount of 21,393 million cubic meters.

    Minister of Energy and the Environmental Protection Oleksii Orzhel announced while presenting the main achievements of the activities and plans of the Ministry till the end of 2019 and for the next several years.

    “The Government will ensure the provision of heating and electricity in winter. Currently, there have been accumulated more than 2.5 million tons of coal in storage facilities. This is the highest figure since 2015,” he stressed, adding that the situation was critical at the beginning of the Government's work.

    The Minister said that underground gas storage facilities were also prepared to the extent that to ensure a stable passage of the heating season.

    “We have the volume of gas reserves exceeding by 30% the usual amount. And that means that we can ensure the flawless passage of the heating season and provide gas supply in reverse flow mode, guarantee the provision of both electricity and gas to every Ukrainian citizen,” said Oleksiy Orzhel.

    He stressed that the Government had also provided steady rates in utility bills so that people do not pay more and can balance their family budgets. The gas price for the population during the heating period (up to May 1) is 7% lower than last year.

    “The Government’s objective is to protect people from gas price fluctuations in winter. Volumes accumulated in gas storages and necessary preparations to accumulate other fuels allow us to offer a so-called insurance rate. We offer the price which is even lower than in the previous quarter of 2019,” the Minister stressed.

    "We have managed to ensure the security of supply, we also ensure the steady rates in utility bills. The Government will protect people from gas prices fluctuations in winter,” summed up Oleksii Orzhel.