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  • Finance Ministry: The sum worth UAH 39 billion utilized from COVID-19 Response Fund
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 10 November 2020 16:20

    As of November 6, 2020, UAH 39 billion, or 59% of the allocated funds, has already been used from the COVID-19 Response Fund.

    Of these, UAH 6.6 billion was spent on healthcare out of UAH 16.3 billion, or 40% of the planned amount. In the field of healthcare, the Fund provides UAH 100 million for the purchase of ventilators, of which UAH 42 million was used. Almost UAH 3 billion is provided for the maintenance of MoH laboratories and the purchase of personal protective equipment for employees of healthcare facilities, of which UAH 709.7 million was used. UAH 571 million has been allocated for the subvention to local budgets to provide hospitals with oxygen. Also, UAH 3.2 billion out of the envisaged UAH 6 billion was spent on increasing allowances and surcharges for medical workers.

    It is important that, in addition to the Fund's financing, measures to combat COVID-19 are also financed from other sources. Thus, under the program of medical guarantees, the National Health Service has already made payments to health care facilities in the amount of more than UAH 8.0 billion for services related to the treatment of COVID-19.

    In addition, as of November 5, 2020, UAH 3.8 billion was spent from local budgets on the purchase of goods and services to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that all expenditures to counter COVID-19 must be efficient and transparent. In addition, the effectiveness of the use of these funds will be carefully checked by the State Audit Office.

    Data on the use of funds to combat COVID-19 is available on the official website of the Ministry of Finance at the link In Ukrainian.