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  • Yurii Shchyhol: Creation of the Army of Drones is a step towards advanced High-Tech Ukrainian Armed Forces
    State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection, posted 13 July 2022 16:27

    Our defenders’ lives are our supreme value, so we are forging an advanced high-tech army, capable of combating with minimum casualties. This is why we have launched the Army of Drones project. It was presented at today’s press conference by the SSSCIP Head Yurii Shchyhol.

    The enemy has incomparably more resources in terms of weapons and manpower. russia is capable of covering the entire battlefield with the corpses of its soldiers. Their citizens’ lives mean nothing to them. 

    “We, on the other hand, need to solve a vital problem: how to repel the enemy while keeping Ukrainian defenders alive. After all, their lives are the supreme value to us. This is why we need to fight much more efficiently than our enemies,” the SSSCIP Head points out.

    The SSSCIP, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation have joined efforts under the UNITED24 fundraising platform to implement the Army of Drones initiative.

    This war is a war of technologies. So, creating an army of drones is a key step toward building an advanced high-tech Ukrainian army. To achieve this, we are relying upon the vast experience of NATO member countries, where drones are major reconnaissance tools in service.

    Ukrainian citizens and people from all over the world donated over UAH 400 mln in a week. We have an ambitious goal to procure 200 reconnaissance UAVs and as many commercial drones as we can at the initial stage. The procurements are agreed upon with the General Staff, so we know exactly what our Armed Forces need. 

    “We already have an arrangement for the purchase of 30 commercial drones. Now we are waiting for them to arrive in Ukraine, then we will hand them over to the Staff immediately,” says Yurii Shchyhol. 

    He emphasizes that Ukrainian businesses are joining the initiative too. The Army of Drones will be supplied thanks to the funds collected by Monobank clients, totaling USD 64 million. This will be enough to purchase two aerial systems WB Electronics Warmate and 40 suicide drones for them. 

    Not to mention dozens of people from across the world who have already donated their drones to the AFU. Some of them are already serving on the frontline.

    To make a donation to the Army of Drones or to send your UAV as a gift to Ukraine’s defenders, please visit the official website of the UNITED24 platform: u24.gov.ua.