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  • Yulia Laputina announced creation of a veteran mentorship structure at Ministry for Veterans Affairs
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 09 February 2023 14:42

    The Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine will create a mentorship structure for veterans, their families, and families of fallen Defenders. This was announced by Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Yulia Laputina during a live broadcast of the National Telethon.

    “The state must prepare to meet its Defenders from the war,” the Minister emphasized. “We know that there are many bureaucratic processes that veterans face when they return to civilian life. Therefore, we are announcing creation of a structure of mentors for veterans within the system of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, a kind of ‘army of veteran mentors’. It will include almost 10,000 people, who should preferably also be veterans. Indeed, the principle of ‘peer to peer’ will work, with specialists helping veterans overcome bureaucracy, informing them, simplifying the process of receiving services, and, if necessary, even going with them to get all the necessary paperwork done.”

    Yulia Laputina emphasized that the project was supported by the Government and the Prime Minister of Ukraine. It will be implemented by the Ministry’s specialists in cooperation with local governments.

    “Each community should have a person who will take care of a certain number of veterans. We have to create conditions for our Defenders to return to civilian life after the victory,” the Minister said.

    Yulia Laputina also announced a briefing on this topic to be held next week. Veterans and civil society organizations will join the discussion. The event will be additionally announced on the information resources of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs.