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  • Over 6 million citizens enjoy benefits of the Available Medicines program
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 27 September 2018 11:56

    More than 26.5 million recipes have been prescribed  under the Available Medicines program, which was triggered in April 2017.

    According to information obtained from the regional health departments, more than 6.6 million Ukrainians have enjoyed benefits of the Available Medicines program.

    The most popular the program has been in Dnipropetrovsk region- about 620 thousand Ukrainians received  medicines  under the Available medicines program, in Kharkiv - more than 550 thousand, in Lviv - more than 530 thousand and in Kyiv - more than 420 thousand patients.

    This year, the demand for medicines under the said program has increased by 30%. From the beginning of 2018, patients have received medicines under 12.5. million recipes worth more than UAH 600 million to cure cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type II and bronchial asthma.

    Moreover, the number of pharmacies participating in the program has considerably grown. In December 2017, the program included  6761 pharmacies, now  medicines can be received in 8003 pharmacies.

    The updated medicine register includes 261 items. 59 of these medical preparations, patients will be able to receive completely free of charge. 202 preparations  Ukrainians can get in the pharmacy with a small additional charge. On average, this additional payment makes up nearly 30% of the full price.

    "The Government Available Medicines program  continues to dynamically gain momentum. We launched a program, which, at first, encapsulated  153 medications of which 23 were completely free. In a year and a half, we increased the medicine register almost twice. The program's rules are appealing to both patients, pharmacies and manufacturers. Therefore, high-quality and effective treatment of patients under permanent supervision of a doctor becomes more and more accessible to our citizens", Roman Ilyk, Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine stressed.

    The Governemnt’s draft state budget for 2019 envisages allocation of a sum worth UAH 1 billion to the Available Medicines program. Also, the Ministry plans to update the mechanisms of the program. First of all, patients should also be able to receive recipes from their doctors working in private institutions or performing their activities as a sole proprietor - next year administrating of the program will be transferred to the National Health Service of Ukraine. Updating the program also stipulates for mandatory introduction of an electronic recipe.