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  • Ihor Klymenko: russia’s military aggression not only targets Ukraine, its consequences are felt across Europe and globally
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 29 March 2023 16:41

    russia’s military aggression is not only directed against Ukraine, its consequences are felt by countries in Europe and the world. This was emphasised today, March 29, by Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko during a meeting with representatives of a foreign delegation headed by EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Ilkka Salmi. The parties discussed the impact of a full-scale war on Ukraine’s internal security.

    The event was also attended by Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Serhii Andrushchenko, Head of the State Border Guard Service Serhii Deineko, Acting Head of the National Police Ivan Vygovskyi, Head of the State Migration Service Nataliia Naumenko, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Oleksii Sergeyev, and Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service Roman Prymush.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Ilkka Salmi assured the Ukrainian delegation of the EU’s solidarity with the people and Government of Ukraine in their fight for freedom and independence, as well as thanked for the opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by Ukraine as a result of russian aggression and the threats to the European Union arising in this context.

    For his part, Ihor Klymenko stressed that russia’s aggressive war was having an impact on the security situation and reminded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was actively involved in repelling the armed aggression and accounted for a quarter of the defence forces and assets.

    “In the context of war, our border guards, national guards, rescuers and police are directly involved in combat operations, restoring life and law and order in the de-occupied territories,” the Minister said.

    He emphasised that all services continued to perform their immediate duties, including investigating criminal offences, protecting public order, conducting rescue operations, and evacuating people.

    “russia’s military aggression is not only directed against Ukraine, its consequences are felt by countries in Europe and the world. This applies to the migration crisis, energy and food blackmail, cyberattacks, propaganda and disinformation. And this is not a complete list of the tools used by russia today,” said the Interior Minister.

    Ihor Klymenko stressed that consolidation of joint efforts was crucial in repelling russian aggression and ensuring the security of Europe.